Why us

Quick Turnarounds

At Sanjay Textile, we work closely with our customers to help convert concepts into actual products. Our sampling facility with dedicated machines and staff enables quick turn-around times.

Eye on the market

We follow the latest trends closely and are therefore able to partner effectively for product development with multiple customer locations, worldwide.

Research & Development

At Sanjay Textile, we have a full fledged in-house laboratory with a wide range of machines which enables testing of all physical and chemical properties of raw materials and finished products. Our Research team is continuously working with new raw materials and chemicals to provide customers with latest technologies in elastics worldwide.

Large Capacity

With more than 300,000 sq. ft. production footprint across all our sites, we produce in excess of 1.5 million meters of elastics per day in various qualities. We provide customized, reliable and seamless delivery cycles.

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