Jequard Lace

Product Description

  • Jacquard Tapes is a type of fabric that comes in different patterns, colours and styles. It is basically a skin-friendly fabric that can be worn all year around. Sanjay textile, being one of the most resourceful Jacquard Tapes Manufacturers in Surat, have different types of laces and tapes available in bulk quantity to meet the diverse need of the customers.


  • 1. Excellent finish
  • 2. Eco-friendly fabric
  • 3. Level up the appearance of the apparel
  • 4. Long lasting and durable option to invest in
  • 5. Soft and breathable fabric


  • 1. Clothing
  • 2. Garment
  • 3. Bags
  • 4. Wedding Belt
  • 5. Other crafting applications
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